An application exists for just about everything you can possibly imagine. Therefore, you really can use them to accomplish just about anything you want. Specifically in education, apps allow everyone from students to teachers to learn and teach all sorts of things. I think that there are a couple of apps that I find extremely beneficial to the average student and teacher/professor. Keynote is a resource and application that I have used not just for note-taking but also for presentations. FA teacher or coach can used keynote to add visual aids to a presentation they may be giving a class or group of athletes. Keynote allows for the sharing of files and has truly helped advance the sharing of educational information in and out of schools for both students and teachers or anyone that seeks knowledge. Another application that I find very useful in education is DropBox. Dropbox allows very easily an individual to transfer files to another Mac or iPad. I have not only shared music, but also files and slides from previous classes with colleagues or other students that I have worked on projects with. This allows for much fast transfer of files and also allows you to transfer larger quantities of information without having to attach the information to an email. Apps in education are a wonderful resource that everyone should take advantage of.


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    Nikki Schrey

    My name is Nikki Schrey and I am a 25 year old Personal Trainer and Coach. I was a Division I Athlete at the University of California, Berkely. My blog is dedicated to providing useful tools to ladies who are interested in fitness, fashion and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 


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