According to a study conducted by Elon University, it is expected that by the year 2020 that the youth of the "always-on generation" who have been raised being constantly connected through technology and information, will be multi-taskers able to used the internet as their "external brain" and get to the root of any problem or questions in a much different way than past generations. While youth in today's society are able to use technology to approach challenges differently than in the past, surveys suggest beliefs that this will yield both good and bad results. Personally, I believe that the advancements in technology are capable of providing some very unique experiences and allow for extreme cognitive development. However, the detriments should also be noted. As social networks start playing a bigger role in not only the social but also the professional lives of this particular generation, it will create a dependent society. In my opinion, the internet is an amazing thing, but being completely reliant takes society to a place that I feel could have potentially very bad consequences. Additionally, as this "always-on generation" gets further and further connected to different social networks and technologies, attention spans start to decrease. That could potentially have very negative implications on learning processes. If youth can't spend a significant length of time focused on any one task, teachers and schools may start to experience great difficulties in keeping our youth on task at school. It will be very interesting to see where our society is in 2020. As technology advances and the younger generations become more and more dependent on it, I worry more and more about a society that won't know how to survive without it. Technology is a luxury, and we as a society have started to ec


05/25/2013 7:27pm

This topic about "The Generation Always On" is really a double edge sword much like you discuss in your post. The positive implications of all this technology is useful in the sense that the distribution of knowledge and news will be unprecedented. It is also my opinion that this new generation will likely produce some new thinkers who might develop some pretty cool technology.
Now for the negative implication that all this technology might have, here are a few that I see. The whole attention span thing and the dependency on technology is not going to be good especially if some of this technology fails. Myself being someone who doesn't really use social media outlets like facebook and twitter I don't use them just because its a time thing, all that technology gives me anxiety. Filling your head with so much information at one time (typical Facebook experience) makes my head spin. I feel the more and more this next generation plugs themselves in there is going to be such a heavy influx of news and information that people are just gonna have nervous break downs.
Who knows though, maybe generation always on is part of our evolution as a species and they are just evolving and adapting to this new technology rich society....


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