I am a soccer fanatic and I was checking out some of the tools online that are available to make fun photos. I came across this Lionel Messi photo. Yup,  it's true, I taught him all he knows. He is just showing me a little love. ;) 

Arthur Berlanga
05/24/2013 9:40am

Nikki, I really like your picture. I don't know much about soccer besides it being the biggest sport in the world. I like your picture because it displays athleticism, intensity, and skill. I love the male soccer player's face; it's highly passionate. I am a fan of athletes more so than teams. I know the majority of people are die hard fans of a particular team, but I enjoy watching great athletes perform at a high level and illustrating their ability with fierce competitiveness. That's what I'm a fan of, and your picture definitely captures that. Well done Nikki. I look forward to reading more blog posts.


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