Up until this point I hadn't given into the Twitter world. Now that I am officially a part of it (follow me @nschrey) I guess I will do my best to embrace it. I posted a link to an article I found quite interesting which discusses how Twitter is impacting Professional Athletes and their sports. Yes, Twitter has definitely had an impact on the professional world of sports, but is it a positive or negative influence? While there are benefits for an athlete to post tweets and have millions of followers, it has its downsides as well, especially when it begins to threaten an athletes public image. As the article addresses, athletes tweet are public and unprotected. What does that mean? That means that fans and press have very easy access. Many athletes perhaps haven't grasped the notion that whatever they tweet goes out into the universe and stays there, or perhaps may just don't care. Whatever the case may be I know that whatever I "Tweet" will be with the understanding that whoever wants to see it, has access. Read the article and let me know what you think about it, about Twitter, and even your own experience

Kailey Allen
05/14/2013 10:27pm

Hi Nikki,
I really enjoyed your blog on microblogging. I felt it gave great insight. I agree that not all athletes or people know that what they say on twitter is for the world to see. Its not private. I think that is one area where people in athletics need to grasp. What people say does matter and it effects the people around them. I also really enjoyed your fashion fitness section of you PWP. I found it to be so creative and innovative. I was impressed with your creativity within your PWP. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and seeing more of your ideas that can be incorporated into the fitness world!

Kyle Wise
05/14/2013 10:46pm

I am a brand new twitter user as well and for the longest time I thought that it was the most pointless piece of technology that had ever been created. Now that I have it I am actually surprised at how much I like it and use it. Right now we are in the California Junior College baseball play offs and I have been tweeting our game time, location and opponent for all of my followers so that we can have some support. When used improperly the things that can come up on your feed can be annoying and damage someone's public image.

I totally agree with you on the topic of major athletes not fully knowing that what they "tweet" is out there for anyone who wants to follow them to see. I feel that we as fans of athletes sometimes forget that a lot of these famous athletes who get themselves in trouble over statements that they post via facebook, twitter, etc. are a lot of times just out of college and are still kids themselves. Twitter can be a very positive form of social media if used correctly


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