I am really excited to be able to start this blog and share a lot of information with you, from my own personal experiences to things I have found via the internet and through my own resources. Having been a soccer player all my life I have always made sure I incorporated it in my weekly routine even after college was over. If you are passionate about a sport or an excercise class or another activity, make sure you take the time to enjoy it. For me it's spending my Friday nights playing indoor soccer with a bunch of girls that used to play college soccer as well. Even though it's only one night a week it gives me the chance not only to get some excercise in, but it helps me blow off some steem as well as socialize with my girls a little bit. You would be surprised as to what your city may offer you to be a part of. Many YMCA's have adult leagues for various sports or if not a YMCA check with your local community center. Another suggestion is setting up a walking or running group with some friends. For many of us it's hard to find not only time to workout but also time to see our friends. Why not do both at once? Maybe you decide that every Saturday morning you and your four closest girlfriends can meet at the park and walk/run together. Not only are you then getting in some excercise for the day, but you're also able to spend some quality time with friends. 

Caleb Canterbury
05/13/2013 1:16pm


I would like to start out by saying I enjoyed viewing your site. It is very clean and professional, you can tell the time you put in it. After reading some of your post I realized we have a number of the same beliefs. I think it’s great you’re a Personal Training. One of my best friends is a personal trainer and I know the amount of work it takes. I really like how you said about working out with friends. For me I feel the same way. I like to lift weights not only to stay active but it gives me a chance to socialize with my friends and like you said blow off some steam. I think that’s really cool you were a D1 soccer player. I played a number of sports but never at the college level congrats. I’m looking forward to this class and reading more of your posts.

05/14/2013 11:32pm


I enjoyed reading your post. I liked how you told us a little about yourself, but you also gave some advise. If you grow up playing sports, I agree you should look into rec leagues with friends once your school playing days are over. Playing at a local gym or once a week with friends in a park will help you stay active while keeping exercise fun. Working in the health, field one of the biggest complaints I hear is people hate to exercise. I always tell them to find an activity they enjoy. There are so many different ways to exercise, so keep trying things until you find one you enjoy. If you are doing something you enjoy you are more likely to repeat the activity.

I look forward to reading more of your blogs.


Gregory Lazaga
05/15/2013 11:26am

Glad to find another soccer player in the program. I played at Azusa Pacific University in the late 90's. Mostly coaching now, but I do enjoy playing what I call "old man soccer" every now and then. I also have a friend that recently graduated from Berkeley swimming team, she is now off in far lands having fun exploring other countries.
Your site is very well organized and to the point. Glad to be learning with you. God Bless.


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