Ok so I officially set up my first blog and posted to it. Before I set up my own PWP I took a look at the PWP's from some previous students in the masters in kinesiology program I am currently in. One PWP I looked at was that of DeAnna Butler. When I clicked on the link to her site, I was greeted by a nice soothing ocean scenery and the organization of the site was clear from the beginning. I liked that it as easy to navigate and I had no difficulty roaming through her Blogs as well as the personal information she posted. I felt that DeAnna was personal in the sense that she conveyed information about herself that I appreciated as a reader because I was able to learn a little about her background and her source of inspiration for her blog. While she was in fact personal, she balanced that well with being professional as well. It was clear that DeAnna wanted her site to represent her in a way that showed she was serious about the various ways technology can be used for physical education, from statistics to podcasting as well as for providing her readers with useful nutritional guidance. While I personally would have livened up her site a little bit, I think I am more into colors and design so I felt like her site was a little plain for my preference. Other then that, I really don't feel like there was much I didn't like about her PWP. When it comes to my PWP I feel like I have tried to come across in both a personal and professional way like Ms. Butler. I hope that people enjoy my PWP! :)

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