I had no idea what a PLN was until I was prompted to learn about it by my professor. After much confusion and a bit of a headache I was actually able to figure it out! It is awesome that I now have a yahoo RSS Feed which allows me to get updates from all my favorite sites in one location. So far I have subscribed to a couple of health feeds but have every intention of subscribing to many more. I felt that creating an account with yahoo was easy. I was already used to the format of yahoo because it has always been my homepage. The past week I have learned so much in terms of technology and using it for my own personal growth but also in my career. :)

Jordan Glessner
05/14/2013 3:15am

The first time I experimented with PLNs was this week as well! I chose Pearltrees because of the way it is designed for visual organization. When I first started I tried the iGoogle, and Google Reader, but those seemed to straight laced. I am a PE and Health Teacher, coach and run a fitness program at the high school. I was trying to find information to use in my health class, and bookmarking or saving to the Reader was a multi-step process and a lot of my information ran together. I played around with Pearltree and things became much more organized and clear! Does Yahoo do this as well or is it more like Google, in the sense that it puts clips of news into your feed?

05/18/2013 11:42am


This PLN stuff is a bit confusing but I also chose Pearltrees and hope it serves me as well as it has you thus far. I have a yahoo.com account and enjoy the newsfeeds that it offers on a daily basis. Actually I get most of my news and information from yahoo so when you said you can link to yahoo through Pearltrees I felt a sense of relief, just for that fact that I know it is now possible to do that. My tech abilities are still in their infancy but I am getting better slowly but surely.

Great job on your website, looks like your are dialed in and I applaud you for that. Good luck the rest of the way and I look forward to reading more of you post.


Travis Babin

Devery Ortiz
05/19/2013 8:40pm

I too had never heard of a PLN before this assignment. I think it is really cool and can save so much time. There are many websites that are now feeding into my PLN. I enjoy learning about nutrition, functional training, and fashion!


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