There are a few networking strategies that I think are essential to overall success in whatever a person does. Communication is the first. Maintaining regular and consistent contact with the people you begin to network with. Another is keeping what it is you do simple by zoning in on what it is that is really proving to be the most beneficial to you and your business and generating the best results. It seems that those areas are the ones that a person should spend more time focusing on. Additionally, accessing resources is critical in networking. The resources are out there, it's about getting connected to them and staying connected to them. Also, as hard as it may be to be patient in the beginning with this, being generous and giving seem to be two things that will pay you back at least two-fold. By giving time and advice, more opportunities and positive results are more likely to come your way.

Brandon Ellis
06/03/2013 10:42am

I think your comment that communication is an essential component of professional development is very telling. It makes sense to develop relationships with people in the same professional field for access to resources on educational material. Your web page is a good recruiting tool for people interested in enhancing their fitness.

Melissa Gutierrez
06/03/2013 12:30pm

Hey Nikki,
I really enjoyed reading your post on Profession Networking Strategies. I would have to agree with you on how you mention that it is very important to make sure you keep a constant communication with people that our within your network. I believe this is vital because you want to make sure you are in the loop of the things and always know what it is happening in your field of expertise, so therefore constant communication can give you access to that.
I enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward reading more.

Melissa Gutierrez

06/04/2013 1:07am

Awesome post. Wow, communication is key. You're right. And that is what I have the most difficulties. I feel like I can come across as a person who wants that info or who will help with that info but not follow up because I am either too busy or I received my answer so, Thank you. I network moreso in person and have communication with people via phone (I know, old school) or email so this is all new to me. I signed into Linkedin not to long ago and had emails from so long ago. I enjoyed yourpost and will work on my communication...


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