There are several things that I think a PWP can do to help enhance my profile. Particularly in terms of personal training, I can provide my clients with a place they can read more about my philosophies and more about what I support, spend my spare time doing, and maybe even some of the causes I advocate. A PWP should not only include a background regarding who I am and my philosophies regarding fitness, health and my career, but it should also be supported by my credentials. It is important that my readers know that I am educated and that the information that I share with them is coming from my own professional experiences. Therefore, a resume that includes work, educational and volunteer history is definitely something that ought to be part of a PWP.

06/13/2013 10:54pm

Nikki, I really feel that the PWP is very beneficial for you and anyone in the athletic training industry. It seems like the majority of clients may not be in the best of shape which could also damage their self confidence and face to face confidence to pick a personal trainer they are comfortable with. Your PWP gives you a chance to relate to the customers and gives you the opportunity to sell yourself more! Goodluck!


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    My name is Nikki Schrey and I am a 25 year old Personal Trainer and Coach. I was a Division I Athlete at the University of California, Berkely. My blog is dedicated to providing useful tools to ladies who are interested in fitness, fashion and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 


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