The article entitled "Social Networking in Undergraduate Education" by Nicole Buzzetto-More was quite interesting. This was actually a study where students completed courses that used Facebook as an instructional tool. A survey of participating students indicated that learners considered Facebook a valuable tool that helped to strengthen interpersonal communications, community building, and engagement; however, they do not want to see social networking services replace course management systems like blackboard. I was not surprised by the results of the study. However, KID 710 is really the first course I have had that has ever required me to set up multiple social networking sites that are used for instructional learning. So far this course has allowed me to browse other classmates PWP's and comment on some of their blog posts. I have been able to learn about my classmates without actually physically being present in class with them. I truly appreciate that because I was worried that it was going to be difficult to really interact with my classmates in an online masters program. This is not the case at all! Not only have we been connected through our PWP's but we have also been given the opportunity to connect through Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. etc. I have not used social networking with my clients as effectively as I know I can be. After having read this study, I am more determined to use social networking in a way that not only I can benefit from, but also so the clients that I train can benefit. Let's face it, there aren't many people that don't have a Facebook account. That being said, using it as a tool to positively impact my clients and future students is something that can help me connect with them but also help them connect with one another, which is just as important.



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