Wouldn't it be great if you got to play to your strengths for most of your working day? How cool would that be? The research shows very few of us actually experience that. Less than 2 out of 10 of us actually get to play to our strengths at work. 80%! I got the opportunity to watch an awesome video that addresses this topic of being able to play to your strengths. What is so awesome is that for the first time in my life I feel like I am on the road to being able to play to my strengths on a daily basis. Coaching and teaching are when I feel like I am in my "sweet spot." When I start to give into societal expectation or pressure from the world or people that don't have any business influencing how I live out my life is when I find myself out of my areas of strength. I have had to step away from soccer, coaching, health and fitness to realize that it is where my passion lies. It was hard work getting to the point I am at in my life now and I know that I have a ton of work left, but I can happily say that I am on a road that is leading to my being able to play to my strengths each and every single day and be a part of that 20%. What a blessing. :)

05/21/2013 10:22pm

Hey Nikki,
It was cool to read your blog about your strengths. I was totally surprised too on how only 2-10 people actually play to their strengths and how while growing up society really dwells on the things we aren’t good at, instead of the things we are good at (in this case our strengths). I enjoyed watching this video as well because I have a 4 year old son and it will def. help me keep an eye on myself on how I raise him with empowering him on his strengths instead of putting all the focus on his weakness.
I am also a coach too, and it was interesting to read how coaching and teaching is your “sweet spot,” because that it is “sweet spot” as well. I feel like I am really making a difference when I am coaching and I love influencing people in a positive way, and I am pretty sure that is how you feel too? The fact that you have had to step away from your sport, coaching, and fitness, must have been hard and I can’t imagine how that felt, but the fact that it helped you find your passion of what you want to do in your career is an amazing outcome.
I enjoyed reading your blog Nikki and I look forward to reading future postings.

Melissa Gutierrez


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