This past week was the first time I spent a significant amount of time really trying to familiarize myself with podcasts. After having done so, I feel that this technology is definitely a tool that I can use in the future. After I created my podcast I began to think how I could use this tool as an audio learning tool for the clients I do personal training with at the gym. I spend a lot of time with them making strides towards their fitness goals each week and do give them health and nutrition advice, but I feel sometimes like I wish I could reach out to my clients more often during the week, not just the one or two times a week they have sessions with me. That being said, I think that creating general health/nutrition/wellness podcasts every week for my clients would allow me to provide them with more information that could be useful in their fitness programs. Sometimes it's hard to accomplish everything I want to them in the amount of time I have with my clients each week and creating podcasts would allow my clients to access and listen to them at their convenience. Using podcasts as an audio learning tool could help me educate my clients stay on track when they leave the gym 

05/26/2013 11:56pm

I too had no experience dealing with podcasts. I thought it was something that was difficult to figure out and would take forever to do. In looking at it through our assignment, I actually love the idea of it. I too can see a use for it in my class and will use it in the future.


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