Wikipedia is the first thing that came to mind when the term "Wiki" came up. This is in fact a very popular example of a Wiki. A wiki, being a piece of software enabling people to create and edit the content of a web page is a relatively newer concept. Wikipedia allows for just this. Any user can edit the content of Wikipedia. I never really completely understood how this whole concept worked but after educating myself I am really in awe of the entire thing. One the one hand, the information from these sources may not always be accurate leaving room for false information to be displayed, yet on the other hand, this resource allows for very quick updating of that material that my be inaccurate or not with the times. I think wikis are great because they can be useful in education. For example, students in a class can work on a project collaboratively by posting their work on a wiki, allowing each individual to go an make changes and provide feedback to one another. I have never used wikis in an educational setting like the one I just described until today, but I a hoping that in the future I will get a chance to explore this further.

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